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Pontoons & Walkways

Professionally welded and constructed onsite in the Pontoons Plus factories, all pontoons are custom made to order from the ground up, meeting and exceeding government engineering specifications.


Pontoons Plus prides with exceptional waterfront optimisation, even with the 'tricky' situations, that only 30 years industry experience can offer.

We can offer everything from cable-braced, strut supported and piled pontoons in every size option imaginable.

Custom Fabrication

Pontoons Plus offers custom fabrication in aluminium, stainless steel, and mild steel in both mig and tig formats using the highest grade materials available.

HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene) welding services are available. 

All welding options are also available either in the factory or on-site for convenience and efficiency

Extras | Inclusions | Repairs

Pontoons Plus offer a wide and varied product extras lists for pontoon customisation and personal requirements. 


These options include but not restricted to:

- Roller / Dry Berthing Systems &

- Pontoon re-carpet

- Seating / Benches

- Light, Water & Power posts

- Cleats

- Winch

- All onsite welding repairs

- Fold up Ladders

- Live Bait / Crab Well

- Walkway Extensions

- Fish Cleaning Stations

- Rod Holders

- Repairs / Schedule Maintenance

- Removal of old pontoons/jetties




Situated on Queensland's beautiful Gold Coast, Pontoons Plus has been reliably servicing all areas, locally and nationally, for a legitimate 30 years.


Our established reputation is best known for quality products at the best price and guaranteed works.

Pontoons Plus offers specialty waterfront optimisation to ensure maximum return on your waterfront lifestyle investment.


Contact Justin directly for a FREE onsite consultation and inspection.

Specialising in waterfront construction and optimisation since 1995





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